Easy Vegan Options

The road to vegan living isn't all paved with arrowroot powder, flax seeds, and a degree from a culinary institute. It is a matter of making daily choices in what we buy and consume. Sometimes, you'll be jonesing for junk food or too exhausted to cook and that's okay. Don't give up when temptation strikes. The world is full of easy vegan options!

When I first mentioned my Vegan at Walt Disney World series, all I heard about from fellow vegans was BabyCakes Bakery at Downtown Disney.  You told me to go and you were, of course, absolutely right. 

While its location in the lobby of the Pollo Campero restaurant is off-putting, the all-vegan offerings are worth the visit.  You can special order a cake for a special event or choose from their two ready-made cases.  On a Friday evening, they had cupcakes, donuts, and breads available.

Since admission and parking at Downtown Disney are free, you can go anytime you are in the Kissimmee/Orlando area making it a very easy vegan option.  Look for Pollo Campero’s entrance next to the T-Rex restaurant.

The cinnamon-sugar donut is a dream.

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    "In other words, vegans are just better than most people" - Todd Ingram
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